Penis enlargement science

The feeling of inadequacy in terms of penis size affects a lot of men.  Penis size is an issue for some men, despite most men having an average penis size.

Penis size is linked to self-esteem and confidence, so it’s not surprising that men seek to increase their penis size.

Some men also feel self-conscious about how they are perceived by others so penis size issues may lead to dissatisfaction with their overall image.

Penis enlargement is underresearched, it is not at the forefront of the science community, but maybe it should be taken more seriously?

In any case, dissatisfaction with the perceived penis size is common among men and leads to penis enlargement.

Penis enlargement is a contentious topic. We all remember the spam emails we used to get and sometimes still do. Is there any merit to any claims about penis enlargement?

Let’s review the science and methods of penis enlargement, which work and which won’t. Let’s see what scientific evidence is there to support various claims. It’s worth looking at the scientific rationale for penis enlargement to see if there is any prospect at all for sustainable affordable penis enlargement in the future (there is, we’re working on it).

Manufacturers of penis enlargement pills have tried to buy this site so that they could peddle their unlikely-to-work products, but they met stiff resistance and this site will remain objective and impartial. Please contribute so that we can continue to provide updates on the science of penis sizes and keep the servers running. 

Why penis enlargement matters

45% of men are unhappy with the size of their penis

21% of women say that penis size is not important at all

Men overestimate the average penis size by about 1.5 Inches (3.81cm)

The majority of men want a larger penis but they also wrongly assume that everyone else’s penis is larger.

Men are their own biggest critics.

Not only men are very likely to exaggerate their penis size in self-report studies, but they are more likely to exaggerate average penis length and their ideal penis length.

Women are far more realistic and far less demanding when it comes to penis size.

Key questions about penis enlargement

Is penis enlargement possible today?

In short: MAYBE. It requires effort and discipline, with modest gains.

There are methods such as penis pumps and jelqing that are the most likely to increase penis size.

Is penis enlargement achievable in the future?

In short: VERY LIKELY. It requires large investment in gene therapy

Gene therapy is a type of medical treatment that involves the use of genes to treat or prevent disease. It involves the introduction of genetic material into a patient’s cells in order to modify or repair a dysfunctional gene or to introduce a new gene that can provide a desired therapeutic effect.

Gene therapy for penis enlargement is not a scientifically or medically accepted treatment as of today. There is no evidence to suggest that gene therapy can replicate the processes that happen in the male body during puberty or increase penis size. Similarly, the use of hormones such as testosterone and human growth hormone for penis enlargement is not backed by scientific evidence and is not a recommended or approved treatment.

However, gene therapy is a very new science with a lot of potential, if anything can lead to significant improvement in quality of life by eliminating the disease. For penis enlargement, gene therapy has not been looked into at all.

It is important to note that seeking out unproven and potentially dangerous treatments for penis enlargement can have serious health risks and is not recommended. If you are concerned about the size of your penis, it is important to speak with a healthcare provider to discuss your concerns and receive appropriate medical advice.

What methods of penis enlargement work?

Penis pumps, jelqing, and penis surgery have the most likelihood of helping

Jelqing is a technique that involves massaging the penis in an effort to increase blood flow and promote the development of new tissue. It is often promoted as a method for increasing the size of the penis, but there is no scientific evidence to support its effectiveness for this purpose. In fact, jelqing can cause serious injury, including tearing of the tissue, bursting blood vessels, and other damage to the penis.

Penis pumps are devices that are used to help men with erectile dysfunction achieve and maintain an erection. They work by creating a vacuum around the penis, which helps to draw blood into the penis and cause it to become engorged. While penis pumps may be effective at helping men with erectile dysfunction achieve an erection, they are not proven to be effective for increasing the size of the penis and should not be used for this purpose.

It is important to note that seeking out unproven and potentially dangerous methods for penis enlargement can have serious health risks and is not recommended. If you are concerned about the size of your penis or are experiencing erectile dysfunction, it is important to speak with a healthcare provider to discuss your concerns and receive appropriate medical advice.

What results you can expect?

Expect modest results in the case of jelqing and penis pumps. The penis enlargement surgery’s results are debatable.

Problem with penis enlargement

The biggest problem with penis enlargement facts is that there is very little scientific research into penis enlargement.

Before you look seriously into penis enlargement consider methods of increasing erection strength that are just general tips for improving your health such as losing weight and trimming pubic hair.

Penis enlargement is not at the forefront of medical frontiers. Very little research into ways of increasing penis size makes it difficult to draw any conclusions on the subject. Erection strength through pills, on the other hand, is very much confirmed science and a viable product available over the counter in some countries in form of Viagra and its alternatives.

Most evidence on penis size increase is anecdotal and therefore unreliable.

There are discussion forums dedicated to penis enlargement. However, it is difficult to validate their findings. Men share feedback about products and offer advice to one another. These discussions are commercialized and may sound like spam emails. It is also not scientific, as any method tried out by participants should be tested with control groups. Anecdotal evidence, i.e. story of a single person, may present some hope and may lead to research in the future though.

Let’s look at what we know about penis enlargement so far.

Penis anatomy and erection physiology

Your penis serves two purposes, to pass urine and to get erect for sexual activity.

Unfortunately, there is very little you can do to alter your erect penis size after reaching adulthood after going through puberty.

For penis enlargement to work the following has to happen:

Increase in the cellular volume of penile soft tissue


Increase in the blood vessel capacity of penile soft tissue

Studying how penis size changes as the male go through puberty may help us in getting the cellular mass of penile tissue to expand.

This has the most potential out of all the mechanisms of increasing penis size, maybe there is a way of reverting to the way penis size increases through hormonal and other changes, including alterations in the epigenetic code during puberty. Gene therapy could be possible but it is not at the forefront of the medical needs of society for the time being. Eventually, theoretically, an increase in penis size via a genetic therapy intervention is possible. Right now there are only crude, manual methods of attempting to increase penis size.

Penis enlargement would work by either increasing the number of corporal tissue or increasing the volume held in the cavernosal arteries

Which methods of penis enlargement work: Overview of penis enlargement methods

Penis enlargement methods that are supported with *LIMITED* scientific evidence are penis pumps and surgery.


Penis pumps show the most promise, they are safe, they are used to treat erectile dysfunction and some studies have demonstrated that they may bring about increases in penis length and girth.

Penis extenders are similar in the way they work to penis pumps but with no research to suggest that they work. Penis extenders could be more likely to lead to damage as the pressure they apply to tissue is spread unevenly.

Penis surgery is controversial and dangerous, with a low rate of satisfaction. 

There is virtually no support or scientific rationale for penis enlargement pills, supplements, powders, and herbs.

Despite oral supplements being the most widely advertised and purchased, there is no reason why they should work and no evidence to support often incredible claims. They may even be dangerous and harmful.

Natural stretching of the penile soft tissue over time through regular exercise is called jelqing, and there is some evidence to substantiate its effect. There is also some scientific rationale in favor of jelqing.

Creams, powders, and lotions something that is applied topically to the genital areas can be dangerous to the skin. There is no evidence for any kind of lotion to increase penis size. If the penis enlargement method or treatment includes rubbing, i.e. stimulating the penile tissue to enlarge that it is more likely to help than applying the cream alone. Still, right now the best option for PE is using penis pumps.

What results can you expect from penis enlargement methods?

Don’t be expecting incredible increases in penis size using any of the methods listed above.

I will be looking at every single method of penis enlargement, weighing pros and cons, dangers and costs, and potential results.

This is my analysis of penis enlargement methods, all of them are very ineffective if you compare them to muscle growth. Don’t get your hopes up too high.

Penile soft tissue is completely different from muscle. There are similarities, but the way they work and operate is different.

Therefore, the method of increasing penile tissue would also be different and that’s where the problem lies.

Penis pumps are speculated to add 0.5 inches per month to penis length when used regularly.

Suspected effectiveness of penis enlargement methods

Note, not a single method is regarded highly, not one scoring more than 35% and that may be generous. This should illustrate how difficult it really is to increase penis size.

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Penis enlargement research volunteers

I’ve looked into hundreds of studies of urology, erectile dysfunction, and the science of all kinds. I’ve looked into ways to affect and stimulate different tissues. I’ve looked at physical exercise and pharmacology, the whole field of science that can be applied to improving a person’s well-being, cells, tissues, and joints.

There are a few certain things that may increase penis size and I will be looking to test my ideas.

I’ve got a design so I am looking into different prototype devices which, most likely, according to science, increase penis size by 8-12%. The final device itself will combine the fruits of research from several fields. I will be looking for volunteers to try it out. This experiment is going to be entirely scientific, with control groups and eventual publication in a peer-reviewed journal.

I am looking for volunteers to participate in the study and for physicians who can assist with research.

I would also appreciate it if you can sponsor my research.

UPDATE Nov 2022: I found one way that works but I have not figured out how to miniaturize it or how to make it certifiably safe. It is a work in progress.

Buy a reliable penis pump

If you want to see results straight away, then buy a BathMate device through our partners. Their penis pumps are safe and reliable.

Penis pumps do help against erectile dysfunction and may even bring modest increases in penis size, as well as make erections harder.

Penis pumps

If you worry about your penis size, or erectile dysfunction a penis pump may be the solution for you. Penis pumps are successfully used as a treatment for erectile dysfunction and may increase penis size. 

Increasing penis length and girth through penis pump use is disputed, however, some studies found that penis size increases for erectile dysfunction patients. Whether the effect is the same for those who have not experienced erectile dysfunction is not known.

There are reasons why penis pumps may work, as the volume of penile tissue increases with external stimulation. There are penis pump manufacturers out there that rely on that premise.

Using quality penis pumps in moderation is considered to be safe.

Penis enlargement surgery

If you worry about your penis size, surgical enlargement surgery might help you. If you are set, you should know the pros and cons of penis enlargement surgery. 

Increasing penis length and girth through invasive medical procedures could be possible. Invasive surgical procedures are dangerous, but penis enlargement surgery is a well-known procedure.

Increasing penis length and girth are two separate procedures, they are conducted by professional cosmetic surgeons and they require a lot of skill to be done right.

These procedures are also quite expensive. This method of PE has a very low rate of satisfaction.

Penis enlargement lotions, creams, and oils

There are a lot of lotions, creams, and oils that are supposedly applied to the male genitals to increase the penis size. 

However, the research into such products is limited, and the information to support extraordinary claims of penis size increases is scarce.

There are reasons why penis pumps may work, as the volume of penile tissue increases with external stimulation. Similar reasoning may be applied to lotions and creams if the tissue is affected however, it is unlikely that any lotion content can reach the soft tissue when applied through the skin.

Very little is known about creams and lotions, there was very little serious research into them. Putting something unknown on your skin is dangerous and potentially harmful.

Penis enlargement pills

Penis enlargement pills, herbs, powders, drugs, and supplements are marketed as an easy way of increasing penis length and girth. They are intended to be taken orally and somehow they ***increase penis size***.

Unfortunately, despite wildly enthusiastic claims these supplements are very unlikely to live up to their advertised claims and may even be harmful.

Using supplements such as vitamins and minerals in moderation is considered to be safe though, they may improve your overall health.

No method is exceptional, no method is effective.

Unfortunately, there is still a lot of work to be done on the science of penis enlargement. The most promising field for it is gene therapy (applying the processes that happen during puberty). However, right now researchers are looking into curing cancer, fixing genetic conditions, and reversing aging. It may take years or decades until gene therapy is applied to penis sizes.