Inheriting penis size

Who do you thank for the size of the penis?

Whilst this is a touchy topic, considering the intimate nature of the subject. It is science and therefore it can be looked upon as completely natural as a question of inheritability of physical characteristics. The nature of genes and our understanding of the processes involved as genes pass from one generation to the next are yet to be fully understood but we already understand the principles.

The size and shape of genitalia for both women and men is an observable trait, a phenotype is inherited the most from your closest relatives, i.e. your mother and father, as you are in effect their combined copy.

This may be a subject of curiosity for mothers, fathers and in fact, their children, not just men but also women who are interested in the inheritability of physical characteristics of penis size from one generation to the next.

Who do you have to thank for the size?

To answer whether penis size is a trait that is passed on we need to evaluate the nature of genes themselves.

Every trait that you possess, every wrinkle and every emotion, physical and mental, is an end result of a combination of your mom and dad’s genes, as well as a 3.5 billion years stretch of an unbroken chain of life from the tiniest organism to you ( a wondrous thought, isn’t it). You are the result of millions of your ancestors winning the evolution lottery. Being a winner is in your genes.

However, it is not as straightforward as it seems.

Genes and height as examples of physical traits, being passed on to the next generation.

Whilst genes are important and even if your parents are tall and therefore they pass one height gene to you, so you would carry genes with a predisposition for being tall, whilst at the same time some genes with a predisposition for not being tall. It is important to remember that you and your parents in fact inherit the code for a whole long line, an unbroken chain of life from the tiniest organism to you, including the time when our ancestors were simpler, had tails, and walked on four feet, or even wiggled to get around. This is why some people have extra nipples or are born with a tail as a remnant of our genetic past.

Whilst at the same time, what exactly are you inheriting? Bone structure growth, production of growth hormone, or a healthy appetite and fast metabolism, with prolonged and intense puberty perhaps? So it is not easy to assess, since the human genetic code is billions of letters long and the end result may not even show your predispositions, so a way to look at it is thus:

With genes, you inherit predispositions to develop certain traits but not traits themselves.

For that reason, you are more likely to be tall if your parents are tall, on the other hand, if your grandmother is very short there is a chance that you might be as well.

Even if born with genes that predispose you to be tall or have a certain size of penis, there is still a number of environmental obstacles to overcome. For example, malnutrition whilst in the uterus or in early childhood, may almost certainly affect the growth of the fetus and then the child’s infancy and later life.

Research: It has been suggested by researchers at the US department of agriculture that in other mammals such as sheep, rams inherit up to 70% of the size of the penis. Furthermore, a human study into sexual problems such as premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction among identical and non-identical twins found that between 30 and 42 percent of the risk associated with these sexual problems is determined by your genes.

Sexual health and inheritability of micropenis (microphallus or micro penis)

Therefore, when it comes to health and including sexual health, there is a number to research your genetic history and to prepare, just in case, be it an inherited risk of developing Diabetes type 2 or inheriting a micropenis.

Even better is to consult a trained specialist in the field of urology, as they will be able to provide you with more information regarding this subject, there are treatments and there are solutions for conditions such as micropenis, but it is best to act early, whether you are a parent, a child or an adult.