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Penis sizes and penis enlargement - medical facts

Penis Sizes

Fact-checked information averages size for different ethnicities and scientific look at penis enlargement methods. 

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What is the

Average penis size?

There is so much misinformation on the subject of penis size. But when you look through over 40 studies on the subject you can really tell what numbers are real.


Penis length:

approximate global average erect

13.71 cm = 5.4 inches


penis girth (width/circumference):

approximate global average erect

11.55 cm = 4.54 inches

There is a difference between different ethnicities

Average penis size

These averages are subject to change as new data becomes available and as old data is revised.

When it comes to ethnicity - penis sizes vary. They do not vary enough to say that for example "all black men have a larger penis than white men" because this isn't true. However, when it comes to averages in length and girth there are statistical differences.



We've found 42 studies in the last 100 years that looked into the penis sizes. We have analyzed them to find averages of erect penis length and girth. We are not only interested in the averages but also in the standard deviation of sizes, which is the range of penis size of male populations. We have prioritized the studies in the following order:

Professional Research


Studies where the measuring was conducted by trained professionals, hospital, and clinic staff (including commercial studies such as the Ansell Condoms (Manufacturer of Lifestyles/Mates condoms).

Custom Condom Web Stores


Studies where the measuring was conducted by self report, motivated by condoms they were ordering that matched their sizes

Self-Report Studies


Self-report studies. Where people supplied their own measurements.

Studies With Questionable Methodology


Were not included in our analysis

Penis Enlargement

Men are often mislead about penis enlargement. Spam emails and ads tell us that penis enlargement is easy, that it could even be accomplished through use of pills.

Much of what ads state is incorrect. 

We aim to break down penis enlargement with science. Some methods may actually work. 

Scientific evidence shows that penis enlargement is possible through use of penis pumps

Penis pumps

Using penis pumps is a popular treatment for erectile dysfunction. It was originally developed exclusively for ED but studies have shown that a side effect of the treatment is penis enlargement through regular use. 

Dangerous and costly.

Penis surgery

Penis enlargement surgeries have become popular. As a major medical procedure, which many consider unnecessary, there are many drawbacks.

Distinct procedures aim to increase length or girth. 

Free and potentially as good as penis pumps

Jelqing exercises

No scientific research has been done on this particular method on penis enlargement but it has a few followers online.

There is some scientific rationale, the same as for penis pumps to suggest that it may work.

Penis enlargement through better diet, exercise and removal of pubic hair

Common sense techniques

Simple changes in lifestyle can have an effect on penis size, both perceived and practical. 

Simple techniques will help you to make your penis look larger.

Not recommended, may be dangerous

Creams, lotions and oils

There is not much scientific rationale for the penis enlargement creams to work. 

They may help familiarize yourself with your penis. They could be used with jelqing for better effect.

May be dangerous, no reason to use at all

Pills, supplements, herbs and powders

Completly unsupported in science, but not very well studied.

Had there been a pill to increase penis size, pharma companies would be pushing it in every late-night ad.

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