PE pills, powders, supplements

Penis enlargement pills, herbs, powders, drugs, and supplements are marketed as an easy way of increasing penis length and girth. They are intended to be taken orally and somehow they ***increase penis size***.

Unfortunately, despite wildly enthusiastic claims these supplements are very unlikely to live up to their advertised claims and may even be harmful. These ads are usually found in dubious sources such as porn sites and spam emails, which do not add to their credibility.

According to sources in the NHS (British Health Service) and FDA (US food and drugs administration service), there are no known pills, herbs, medicine, drugs, and supplements that have been shown to increase penis size in empirical studies.

Due to limited research into penis enlargement supplements, there is no rational reason to believe that they work. Not just because the research hasn’t been done but also because for research to be carried out there needs to be some kind of scientific rationale for it.

So is there anything that increases the dimensions of sponge-like erectile tissue that contains most of the blood during an erection? Probably not. If there was a viable product it would be very popular and exceptionally lucrative for the pharma companies. These products are not available because, as of today, they do not exist.

Penis enlargement pills science

You may say that viagra works and helps men maintain an erection. Moreover, you may say some supplements increase muscle mass. Are they comparable to penis enlargement pills?

Unfortunately not. Let’s explain why.

Muscle growth supplements vs penis enlargement pills

Some parallels may be drawn between other pills that affect the human body such as those that increase muscle mass.

Muscle mass increases through exercise, not even exercise directly but through recovery after exercise, usually during sleep. There are amino acids that stimulate synthesis and help promote metabolism. The body uses them to aid muscles in their recovery, driving nutrients to the muscle tissue and making muscles recover more efficiently.

However, the penis contains no muscle, and therefore standard muscle-increasing supplements will not affect it.

To test – try flexing it, as you do with the biceps. It just cannot work. You can kind of spring it up a little, but that’s it. Instead of muscle penis contains soft tissue. So whilst there are protein powders and supplements that increase muscle mass – the same process wouldn’t work on the penis, as far as we know.

Viagra, cialis, male enhancements vs penis enlargement pills

When it comes to the penis, the famous viagra pills come to mind when someone mentions penis enlargement. It affects the penis and one may think that if that works, penis enlargement pills work too.

Viagra or Cialis works by suppressing the release of the PDE5 enzyme, it helps keep the blood flow to the penis. In physiological terms, it is relatively simple. Once the blood flows to the penis it keeps flowing there. For the duration of the pill’s effect, erections are easier to maintain. Once the effect wears off, erections are as hard to maintain as before taking the pill. Long-term increases in penis size have not been observed, instead, there are side effects.

So these pills are not comparable to anything that can make the penis larger in the long term. They just work differently. Increasing penis size in the long term is more complex, as is increasing breast size, brain size, etc.

Are there any unstudied hidden gems out there, that can increase penis size?

Pills, unfortunately, do not increase penis size

There is no evidence to suggest that penis enlargement pills and supplements work

Have you heard of a pill that increases breast size? This would be one of the most marketable and popular pills to be ever invented. The same with penis size. Had there been an amazing chemical compound that guaranteed the results even with dreadful side effects, the pharmaceutical companies would be raking in major profits.

There are, unfortunately, no pills or supplements currently that can increase penis size.

The future of penis enlargement pills – can they ever work?

For the sake of balance, let’s say that some products may work, however, one cannot recommend any, and there might be a few reasons why they might work. Let’s return to science.

Pills would have to increase the capacity of the corpus cavenosum and corpus spongiosum (the soft tissue in the penis that increases like a sponge). Something that may make the tissues more flexible could work. The pills alone may not be enough to stimulate penis growth but with creams (with perhaps growth hormones) and/or electric stimulation the effect could be accumulated enough to have a significant result.

Give it ten-fifteen years for penis enlargement pills to become a scientific possibility.

Overall, how effective are penis enlargement pills today?

There is no evidence at all to suggest that any pills that claim to increase penile dimensions live up to their promises. On one hand, they may give confidence, there may even be some stimulants in them to make the erections harder like those in viagra. But in terms of long-term increases, there are just no feasible reasons to suggest that they work.

Moreover, some pills may be harmful, they may contain hormones or something else that isn’t healthy or isn’t necessary. Had there been a safe product to increase penis size the pharmaceutical companies would be in for the money. Unfortunately, there is no sign of such a product being developed, although it cannot be ruled out that there is some product out there that works.