Jelqing penile exercises

Among all of the penis enlargement methods, this is the cheapest, safest, and most widely practiced. Increasing penis size through a series of regular exercises with the purpose of increasing the volume capacity of the blood vessels in the erectile tissue to allow more blood to be drafted into the penis during erections. It works in a similar way to penis pumps. Let’s assess the science behind it, the techniques, the time it takes to get a result, and whether it actually works.

Typically, the length and width of an erect penis are constant after a male goes through puberty until about the age of 50, after which an erect penis girth is harder to maintain at the same levels.

The penis is not a muscle

Since the pills and lotions appear to be ineffective (since there have been no thorough successful empirical studies to support the spectacular claims), penis enlargement pumps can be expensive, although empirically shown to have an impact on penis sizes and penis enlargement surgery is usually a last resort and is mostly considered as a way to repair after significant trauma, the one option that appears to be relatively risk-free and free in terms of financial costs are penis exercises. You might need to get your hands dirty. (pun 1)

The most widely used and popular among the exercises is Jelqing, penis stretching exercises are mostly used for straightening a curved member. You can find a guide to Jelqing below.

Penis exercises aim to strengthen the erectile tissue to give the increase erect penis’s length or girth (circumference).

Let’s approach penis exercises with the purpose of increasing the size of the penis logically. For that, we will need to understand the complexities of the erection and the structure of the penis.

Contrary to the assumption – the penis does not contain any muscles. It is instead simply organ tissue. So unlike muscles, for the most part, you cannot build them up, you cannot flex them (there are a few muscles in your body you cannot control, the heart for example, but it is very complex) and you cannot use the same rationing you use for building body mass for altering the size of the penis. Some people can kind of contract the penis but that’s not really working it as a muscle. Some other groin muscles are working there.

Erection is a process of maintaining blood flow to the engorged penis

Therefore you cannot assume that working out the penis would have the same effect as working out a biceps muscle hence the exercises would have to be different rather than a standard mass-building exercise associated with the sport.

For the same reason, an erection is more than just flexing a muscle.

We will ignore the NPT (Nocturnal penile tumescence ( also known amongst the men as “morning wood”) as it holds little relevance to this topic, as does psychological stimuli and neural activity.

An erection is a combination of several intertwined factors. Practically an erection is when two tubular structures at the sides of the penis called “corpora cavernosa”, hold more venous blood. The channel for delivery of urine and semen called the “urethra”, is contained within a tubular structure at the underside of the penis, running from the head to the base is called the “corpus spongiosum”, which also becomes larger as it holds more blood. Altogether this organ tissue is called erectile tissue.

Corpora Cavernosa holds the blood that makes the blood erect, this is what you want to increase in volume for stronger erections

Therefore a stronger/harder erection, which will affect the size of an erect penis depends on how much blood can be held in the structures of the penis.

Therefore we should look for ways to increase the blood volume capacity of the erectile tissue.

Jelqing or jelq (also written as jelching, jeljing, jelging, gelging and jeljing)

Jelqing is the most popular penis enlargement exercise technique. It is the base of all other penis enlargement exercises you can find anywhere. It can be done by you yourself or by your partner, with lubricants and with creams, normally and in hot water. It can be a part of an erotic massage but the key is discipline and the right scheduling. If you aim to experiment with penis enlargement jelqing offers the most promise.

Key points of jelqing as a penis enlargement exercise

  • A popular penis enlargement technique, originating in the middle east.
  • Widely reported to be an effective method of increasing penis size
  • When done in moderation, safe with unknown side effects.
  • Time-consuming, and requires discipline, patience, and regular exercise.

Probably with origins in the middle east, jelqing comes from a word meaning milking in one of the dialects of the region, and the action of the exercise reminds exactly of that, of milking cattle.

Apparently, men have gained up to two inches in penis length and up to an inch in penis girth. A noticeable result may take over six months to achieve through regular training and patience.

A standard schedule for jelqs requires regularity and mental discipline. It can be done every day of the week but is usually done every other day for 5-20 minutes. Results (if any) may vary, and since it takes a lot of time, please be cautious and patient. If you start jelqing every hour of every day you may damage your erectile tissue.

How does jelqing work? The science behind the jelqing exercises.

The penis enlargement methods aim to increase the capacity of the tissue

Jelqing works by increasing the blood capacity of erectile tissue

Jelqing is a simple exercise that involves consistently and recurrently pulling and stretching the flaccid and eventually moderately erect penis using the thumb and index finger to achieve an increased capacity in the erectile tissue to increase the size of the penis. The reasoning is that these motion-based exercises will increase the volume of blood capacity during an erection, by stretching the tissue. The goal is to exercise different parts of the penis to improve circulation throughout.

Whilst this has not been studied empirically, the internet is full of reports of it working and it seems that despite the lack of scientific evidence (which may be due to the subject itself not being taken seriously, rather than the approach), the simplicity and the relative harmlessness of the exercise would suggest practical merit in terms of penis enlargement.

Besides making men familiar with their penises, the exercise generates confidence and allows one to appreciate the difference between a flaccid and an erect member, acting similarly to a placebo.

How to do jelqing exercises? Step-by-step guide.

Ok sign with your fingers is what you start with
  1. Form an OK sign with your fingers, connect your thumb to your index or middle finger and grip the penis at the base (this is where having removed pubic hair previously will offer more effectiveness).
  2. Gently pull outward, away from the body, as if milking the organ, applying some pressure. The purpose of the movement is to stretch the tissue and push the blood up the erectile tissue.
  1. Note that the movement of the grip must be slow to allow the tissue to stretch without damage
  2. Note that the grip should apply pressure but best to do it gently to avoid injury.
  1. Note that the penis should not be entirely erect, but 0-75% erect. If the penis becomes very hard, best to have a break and restart once the blood withdraws.
  2. Stop before the head of the penis.
  3. Repeat.
Jelqing or penis exercises

How long does it take jelqing to see results? What is the difference between before and after jelqing?

Since the science behind these exercises is sound, despite very little empirical evidence to support that jelqing works, anecdotal evidence collected from at least 100 men suggests the following:

Jelqing results – before and after

  • It appears that jelqing takes at least a month to see the results with regular jelqing exercises
  • In some cases, it may take up to four months to see the results with regular jelqing
  • Penis length increases by up to 10% and perhaps more, penis girth increases by up to 7% and perhaps more
  • It takes longer to increase penis girth (width/circumference) than to increase penis length
  • Penis girth gets increased less than penis length
  • There is approval for this method in the online community among those who have tried it

Jelqing and other penis exercise tips:

  • Since you want oxygen-rich blood to deliver nutrients for the tissue, it is best to combine real exercise and jelqing, to make them sequential. So a 20-minute run followed by a jelqing session.
  • Since this requires regularity and mental strength to keep up with the schedule, it is best to start small and build up the time and the repetitions of jelqing motions, so that you don’t get bored at the start and you don’t give up.
  • Like with any exercise – warm up, stretch and make sure the blood flow to the penis is at full capacity, so stand up.
  • Do not overdo the exercises, better to be safe than sorry, but you probably know your penis well, so trust yourself.
  • Best to shave, trim or wax pubic hair, to improve the efficiency of the exercise.
  • Wash your hands and your private parts. You don’t want anything unnecessary to be absorbed into the skin. Lubricate or wet the penis. Some suggest lubricating the penis is unnecessary but the majority of people who practice jelqing use a lubricant.

Other penis enlargement exercises and suggestions


Stretching is mainly used to correct the curvature of the penis to make it more straight. Widespread as it is, a bent or curved penis is cause for concern for many men, although it has practically no implications in terms of erectile health. Still, the goal of penis stretching is to make the penis, from flaccid to erect state – more flexible, with exercise, pretty much anything in the human body can become more flexible, whether it is fingers, legs, or elbows. The same goes for the penis. So bending the penis in the opposite direction of the curve may affect the blood capacity of the inwardly curved side of the penis. Likewise, bending the penis to one side and then to the other could similarly increase the blood flow capacity and therefore increase penis size.

Avoiding reaching the conclusion/ejaculation/cumming to increase penis size

There is an understudied process in sports psychology, where certain parts of the body, such as ankle tendons and all kinds of soft tissue are recovering from injury or are made to become more durable, especially for professional athletes. The process highlights the way the signals are sent to the brain, through the nerve system through relevant exercise to aid the recovery and the strengthening of the soft tissue. It is like fooling the brain to assist in building or repairing it. It works in a variety of examples, such as holding your breath to make the brain believe that you are oxygen deprived which results in a more efficient intake of oxygen.

Likewise, theoretically speaking (and we need volunteers to test it) if your exercise your penis, have an erection, and don’t ejaculate, this would send the signal to the brain that it needs to do something about it, since the evolutionary goal was not reached, perhaps by building the erectile tissue and improving its blood volume capacity. It is just a theory, completely unsupported by any peer-reviewed research.

Jelqing in warm/hot water/bath/shower

Exercising in a more challenging beneficial environment makes the body more efficient.

Swimming, in general, is extremely beneficial to the human body, for several reasons. It is perhaps one of the best exercises for the body. Due to water resistance and increased pressure, it requires more energy to move whilst benefitting not just the muscles but the soft tissues as well. That’s why when you see professional swimmers often despite not being bulky in terms of body mass and muscle, they appear very lean and well-formed.

How does this relate to penis size increases? The theory and the logic for the hot water penis strengthening exercise are thus: The heat of the water will affect the movement of molecules and therefore result in penis enlargement through the active increase in blood capacity in the erectile tissue of an erect and flaccid penis. Not only a hot bath stimulates the blood flow in the whole body, but it also nourishes the skin. Hot water also makes the bones and tissues more flexible and therefore more able to exercise increased blood capacity.

Jelqing in hot water/bath appears to have some support on forums advocating jelqing enthusiasts to try it. This appears to be a better and quicker method of making penises bigger than jelqing along.

Please exercise caution and in case of problems seek your doctor. Best to be safe than sorry. Always consult medical professionals who can offer advice and help.