Common sense PE techniques

There are simple ways of making your erections harder and at the same time increasing the width of the penis and perhaps even length by becoming healthier and better groomed.

Watch out folks, these ideas on increasing penis size without increasing penis size are mostly common sense. Painstakingly simple ways of looking after your health that improve sex life as well.,

Consider getting fit, trimming your pubic hair, and cutting down on cigarettes, and junk food. All of these are beneficial to your well-being anyway, let’s explain why.

It makes sense to combine these tips with penis enlargement techniques and devices. Stronger erections and a wider penis are possible, but why try only one way when you can try all of these simultaneously?

Get fit and lose fat

Sorry to mention this, as this notion is such a cliche. However, losing fat is one sure way of increasing penis size.

Being fitter and healthier is popular for a good reason. Being fitter is associated with better blood circulation and harder erections. Improved blood circulation means that the heart is able to pump blood more effectively toward the blood vessels within the soft tissue of the penis. The blood has to circulate the entire body, practically speaking, so the blood has to go to the penile tissue and then return to the heart. The heart has to be able to move the blood around the whole body, and if the arteries are clogged it is more difficult. Getting in shape to improve your sex life is a real thing. 

How does improving one’s health increase penis size?
Looking after your health begins at home, but going to the gym and working out is an investment of all kinds of resources. Don’t underestimate how much fitness plays into other aspects of life, even sexual performance.

When talking about penis length you will not be surprised to know that losing fat in the groin area, is called “Fatty Upper Pubic Area”, often it is abbreviated as FUPA. This layer of fat over the pelvic bone (belly fat) is a reserve that can be reduced through exercise and it is one of the surest ways to increase the look and feel of penis size. Since fat is also affecting the blood vessels in the area (adding extra pressure on the blood vessels through mass alone), reducing the volume of this layer of fat is recommended. 

Less fat – larger-looking penis

Common sense

The penile tissue stretches from inside the body to the outside and a layer of fat significantly reduces the appearance of penises and the availability of penile dimensions for active use. Depending on your physical shape and bone structure you can find a range of groin-strengthening exercises to suit your temperament and discipline. It will increase penis size but may take a while to feel the effect. On the plus side, you will feel healthier and more energetic. With more confidence and more energy, the result will reflect well on your well-being and therefore potential in bed.

Cycling and running, as well as abs crunch exercises, are a good start. Liposuction would also be a temporary solution if you have excess fat. One of the best ways to increase muscle mass and to increase blood flow is swimming.  It is also gentle on the joints so it’s very good for those who are overweight.

Climbing or bouldering is an immense exercise, your whole body is working on reducing weight and improving agility. 

Trimming and shaving pubic hair

Pubic hair for males and females serves the evolutionary purpose of protecting the vulnerable areas from the dangers of cold and predators. Having invented trousers, socks and walls people are now relatively safe from the harshness of the environment. The predators are rarely a threat to most people. This means that pubic hair is not as useful as it once was.

Consider the phrase “sweaty balls”.  Trimming pubic hair makes sense for many reasons. One is hygiene. The less smelly, less sweaty, and less hairy pubic area is what both sexes prefer in one another and the trends for women preferring men to groom their private parts are on the rise.

According to online surveys, a lot of women nowadays prefer to have a male partner either trim or shave the pubic area completely. Whilst 3/4 of women prefer a man with a hairy chest when it comes to pubic areas, more than half of the women prefer men to do some trimming around that fun area. Another good reason to do it is the fact that it makes the penis appear bigger and especially longer as the pubic hair will not get in the way to restrict the view.

A healthy low-fat diet, low on cholesterol, non-inflammatory foods

There are no superfoods as such to make your penis grow thicker and longer, but there are foods that will help to strengthen your erections. It is the low-fat high-fiber diet that is healthy and helpful for maintaining stronger erections. A healthy diet will improve your blood circulation and widen the penile artery walls to allow more blood to access the organ.

Low cholesterol would improve the blood capacity of the penis as well as make it easier to achieve an erection. Best combined with exercise and plentiful sleep, a healthy diet is always a way to go.

There are inflammatory foods out there and you know what they are – you get bloated after eating those. Avoid those to improve your overall body shape and increase your energy levels.

Quitting smoking and reducing alcohol intake

Smoking is a nasty habit, it lowers sperm count, contributes to erectile dysfunction, and should generally be avoided.

Smoking is unhealthy, it has a significant negative effect on sexual health too

Smoking is linked to impotence.

Everyone knows that smoking is cancerogenic, but it is also polluting the rest of the body and not just the lungs. It is one of the first things that is recommended when men seek treatment for erectile dysfunction. Some studies have shown the difference between before and after going smoke-free and men who gave up smoking had a wider stronger erection than those who continued smoking. Excessive drinking has long been associated with sexual health problems due to the detrimental effects it has on the body.

Combining these simple tips with penis enlargement

All of these tips would work with penis exercises and penis extension devices. Why not combine these tips with exercising to make your effort more worthwhile and more effective?