When it is too big?

Are there any downsides to having a large member? There are more than you think! Maybe it looks good but is it, strictly speaking, practical to have a massive one?

1. Will the guys think that I’m attracted to them when they see me naked?

I hope he doesn’t think I’m turned on!!

Sometimes the dangling flaccid dong may look half-erect, especially if it’s bigger than average. This means that it naturally arouses not just the appetites of members of the opposite sex, but also the suspicions of the members of the same sex.

It is not uncommon for a gentleman with a large penis to appear shy when men are naked together for the reason that his natural size might be mistaken for arousal at the sight of other naked men. The majority of men wouldn’t want their willies to be noticed.

2. Difficulty finding someone to enjoy receiving oral sex from

Evolutionary-speaking human mouths are used for tearing stuff up and naturally exposing something fragile and sensitive to the mouth might be ill-advised. If you’ve ever been bitten by a toddler you know how sharp the teeth are.

 So sticking a cock down someone’s mouth, if that mouth doesn’t look wide or inviting is plain dangerous, read any forums out there, women are really scared of endangering their sex partners, in fact, the larger the penis the scarier it is. Whilst biting a member off is highly unlikely, although it could be a spasm reaction, if, for example, you’re in the kitchen making pancakes and accidentally one falls on her back whilst she’s on her knees pleasuring you. Most of the men imagining this situation flinch.

3. Difficulty finding someone to try anal sex with

The very adventurous back entrance is also taboo in some cultures and forbidden by many ladies in the more accepting cultures. Anal sex is both a sign of dominance and a sign of trust. Not very hygienic but that doesn’t stop people widely engaging in the practice.

Since the backdoor is a combination of sphincter muscles, it takes a bit of effort to stretch. Consider that it sometimes needs constipation medicine, just for it to be used what it’s used for. So to use it for what it isn’t for, strictly speaking, is dangerous and again, the larger the member the bigger the “no”. Sometimes that “no” is accompanied by a disgusted look of deprivation and fear, and words such as “crazy”, “only if I do you first” and “not with that thing”.

4. Finding the correct-sized condom is a problem

So after meeting her at whatever event, you’re both in her hotel room and you’ve already forgotten her name. She is willing and she’s got the condom out because, you’re both aware and not to mention the STIs, impregnating the boss’s daughter might be overkill when trying to get a promotion (replace with any other fantasy/situation).

 You find a condom and you’re probably unfamiliar with the brand. Try to roll it on. It takes ages. It feels tight you’re thinking – is my penis erect just because the blood cannot get flow out of it? It feels kind of numb and is this, strictly speaking, healthy?

The answer is no, it isn’t healthy. The condom is probably too tight and it is, therefore, more likely to rip. Finding the right condom for a larger penis sucks.

5. Finding someone to have regular sex with

She has seen it and shook her head. When visual approval meets practical barriers, nothing happens. Practical barriers mean that if it’s not going to fit, she’s not even going to try. A gentleman wouldn’t force himself so, he’s left with cuddling.

 It might be just as good. It is a compliment and a rejection simultaneously.

6. High expectations difficult to live up to

Well, she has seen it and nodded approvingly. She might be expecting the best sex of her life, so there is pressure on you. As men know, performing under pressure is tricky.

The more you think about trying not to disappoint, the more cautious you become, then the mind floods with more thoughts, and eventually, this may lead to a visit from The Melty Man (find it on youtube).

7. Prolonging the sexual act is not easy

She is tight, way too tight. You cannot come across as a sprinter so you attempt to stretch your session and it is difficult! At one point you’re not even enjoying yourself, as it is too tight and you don’t want it to be over before she gets her fun.

8. Reaching and maintaining the erection is difficult

The larger the penis the more blood it takes to make it hard. Women often wish for something hard rather than large and if you have a large penis, you must also be healthy to keep it erect. Besides, there might be other things on your mind.

Summary – large penis problems

  • Less variety of sex
  • More pressure
  • Unwanted attention from men and women
  • Harder to maintain an erection