Penis size and female sexual satisfaction

Did you know that human intelligence is likely a by product of sexual selection? We don't really need that massive brain. That alone makes one wonder what sex really is.

Following Darwin's publications about human behaviour, Geoffrey Miller hypothesized that many human behaviours are not neatly tied to survival benefits. However, in the long term, traits such as a sense of humour, ability to perform music, dance and all kinds of creativity help humans to distinguish potential partners.

Penis enlargement pills, powders, supplements - can they work?

Penis enlargement pills, herbs, powders, drugs, supplements are marketed as an easy way of increasing penis length and girth. They are intended to be taken orally and somehow they ***increase penis size***. 

Unfortunately, despite wildly enthusiastic claims these supplements are very unlikely to live up to their advertised claims and may even be harmful.  

Do penis pumps fix erectile dysfunction and increase penis size?

Penis pumps are not going to double the size, but they are likely to fix erectile dysfunction and add some length to your penis

This article looks into penis pumps. A significant portion of men in their lifetime will encounter urological problems such as erectile dysfunction, so read this in advance to prepare.

There is no shame knowing more about your health. We will also look into using penis pumps as a penis enlargement method.


Penis enlargement lotions, creams and oils - Do they work?

There is a lot of lotions, creams and oils that are applied to the male genitals with the purpose of increasing the penis size. However, the research into such items is limited, the information to support extraordinary claims of penis size increases is scarce.

There are reasons to believe that some creams might be beneficial, but there is no empirical evidence for them to work.


Do men inherit penis dimensions and shape from their parents?

What are genes and how they affect children's physical characteristics such as penis sizes.

Whilst this is a touchy topic, considering the intimate nature of the subject. It is science and therefore it can be looked upon as completely natural as a question of inheritability of physical characteristics. The nature of genes and our understanding of the processes involved as genes pass from one generation to the next are yet to be fully understood but we already understand the principles.

How does jelqing work? Guide to penis exercise techniques and results

Among all of the penis enlargement methods, this is the cheapest, the safest and most widely practised. Increasing penis size through a series of regular exercises with the purpose of increasing the volume capacity of the blood vessels in the erectile tissue to allow more blood to be drafted into the penis during erections. It works in a similar way to penis pumps. We will assess the science behind it, the techniques, the time it takes to get a result and whether it actually works.

Ways to increase penis size without penis enlargement techniques and devices

Watch out folks, these are mostly common sense.

There are simple ways of making your erections harder and at the same time increasing the width of the penis and perhaps even length by becoming healthier and better groomed. Consider getting fit, trimming your pubic hair, cutting down on cigarettes and junk food. All of these are beneficial to your well being anyway, we explain why.