Penis enlargement lotions, creams and oils - Do they work?

Penis enlargement creams lotions and oils are the ones which are supposedly applied to the area to increase penis size

There is a lot of lotions, creams and oils that are applied to the male genitals with the purpose of increasing the penis size. However, the research into such items is limited, the information to support extraordinary claims of penis size increases is scarce.

There are reasons to believe that some creams might be beneficial, but there is no empirical evidence for them to work.


Penis enlargement creams, lotions and oils science

Are there any reasons why lotions and oils may work to increase penis size?


Psychological reasons for penis enlargement creams, lotions and oils to work:

Usually, to apply the cream effectively, one would remove pubic hair, this alone increases the look and feel of penis. A by product of utilizing creams, lotions and oils help make the male more familiar with his own penis. This creates assurance and familiarity with the organ. The more familiar the male is with his penis, the more confident the male is with the penis size. Confidence makes the erection stronger, therefore increasing penis size.

Physiological reasons for penis enlargement creams, lotions and oils to work:

Scientifically speaking, the penile soft tissue is a complex sponge-like material. There are plenty of penis enlargement creams out there but not a single manufacturer has explained how exactly the capacity of this tissue is expanded with application of the cream.

That being said, rubbing substance into the skin and perhaps reaching as deep as the soft tissue may have some benefits. Since the process of rubbing the active substance into the penile tissue may have a similar effect to that of penis exercises.

Penis exercises, also known as jelqing have not been shown empirically to have worked in increasing penis size. However, numerous reviews online of men who have tried jelqing, have praised the method and it's potential.


If jelqing works with lubricants, may jelqing work with penis enlargement creams, lotions and oils?

If we assume that jelqing - the penis enlargement exercises work and lubricants help the process,  the same or better effect could be achieved by using creams instead of lubricants. On the other hand, the cream, lotion or oil could be harmful. So be careful. Use penis enlargement creams at your own risk.

On the other hand familiarizing yourself with your penis could also have a positive effect.


Alternatives to penis enlargement creams

When it comes to devices that work, penis pumps have been demonstrably shown to work as a side effect in studies treating erectile dysfunction, using them along with jelqing especially in hot water might be a better option. Pills have not been shown to work and penis enlargement surgery is very expensive and very risky. If you want to increase your penis size, we recommend penis pumps as a safe/proven alternative.