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What do women value and how they perceive penis sizes?

Fact and research on penile dimensions by ethnicity and age.


It is clear that penis size - length and girth is important to men. This site covers topics of penis sizes, penis enlargement and safe sex (such as condom types and effectiveness).

We answer questions such as "How to measure penis girth (width/circumference) and length?" and "What is the average penis size?" among others.

Some men attempt to increase penis size by attempting penis enlargement, we research if it is possible to make penis bigger.


Average penis size

Approximate global average penis length (erect):

13.71 cm = 5.4 inches

Approximate global average erect penis girth (width/circumference)(erect):

11.55 cm = 4.54 inches

How to measure penis size to compare?

Penis enlargement

Some men attempt to increase penis size by using methods, techniques and devices of penis enlargement (PE).

We look into penis enlargements from harmless penis exercises called jelqing through pills, creams and penis pumps to risky and expensive PE surgery.

In our review we will also Is it possible to make penis larger, to increase length and girth?

Condoms and safe sex

This section covers aspects of safe sex such as condom usage, effectiveness of condoms in prevention of unwanted pregnancies and transmission of STI's.

See the full comparison chart of different types as well as reviews by type of condoms by condom dimensions such as thickness, length and width to find the best fitting condom for you.



Why men worry about their penis size

The human male is often worried about the penis size. Most of this worry comes from uncertainty as to what the normal or average penis size is. With the help of adult media, annoying spam and tabloids, many men place great importance upon the dimensions of their penis, as a sign of masculinity.

The hegemony of masculinity, requires a male to display physical attributes such as strength and bulkiness. There is also some importance placed upon the feats of sexual conquest and the sexual prowess, and although not all men resemble or seek such masculinity - there is a social pressure to adhere to it.

Penis size is regarded as a sign of masculinity. Having a large penis is desirable.

If you've ever had an email account, especially in the 00'ies, before decent spam filters evolved, you've come across a lot of spam that built on these misstatements. Even without reading the contents, men whom were happy with their penis measurements felt somewhat unnecessarily objectified and dehumanised.

It is not only the erect state of the penis that worries men but also the flaccid state, a large proportion of males do no wish to uncover their genitals in areas where it is practical and socially acceptable (think gym changing rooms and saunas). It is worth pointing out that the dimensions of flaccid penis do not reflect the dimensions of an erect one. Having a small flaccid penis is completely normal.


Penis sizes

One of the issues closely connected to the psychological well being of a male is the issue of penis size. The length, the width or circumference of the male organ grows during puberty, from about the age of 12 till about the age of 17. The size of the flaccid penis has little significance There is a very wide range of sizes of penis sizes, both length and width (circumference) and there is some correlation between various factors. Almost half of men believe that they have a small penis. Whilst in reality, most men's penis size is (surprisingly!) average. It is also known that men care about the size of their member more than women care about the size of the same member.
ethnicity and penis size by race

Average penis size by ethnicity, race and country

Using mathematics of averages and ranges of standard deviation to gain a clear understanding of penis sizes across ethnicities. Using over 42 studies for maximum objectivity, these findings should stand the test of time, but will be adjusted accordingly once new research is available.

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Do men inherit penis dimensions and shape from their parents?

Whilst this is a touchy topic,considering the intimate nature of the subject, still it is science and therefore it can be looked upon as completely natural as a question of inheritability of physical characteristics. The nature of genes and our understanding of the processes involved as genes pass from one generation to the next are yet to be fully understood but we already understand the principles.

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Average penis sizes, length with (girth/circumerence)

Fact & research on average penis size, what is normal length, girth (width/circumference)

Research into penis length and girth (width/circumference) to find what is average and what is normal for a human male is vast and still ongoing. Unfortunately many of these studies provide inaccurate findings for several reasons. Often inaccurate information is picked up by media and by bloggers. will continue looking into medical and commercial research to provide you with the most up-to-date and accurate findings. For the time being, until better data is available, the findings are divided by race/ethnicity and age.

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How to measure penis size, measuring penis length, girth (width/circumference)

How to measure penis size correctly?

How to measure yourself up and compare to others? Method used by the latest, most accurate medical and commercial studies into male health saves you from measuring penis dimensions incorrectly. We use the data from the most reliable studies using the method suggested in this guide, to establish average penis sizes and their ranges. Whilst other methods are open to interpretation and error, this method to measure length and girth of penis is precise and consistent.

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Penis enlargement

Penis enlargement is a range of methods, techniques and devices intended to increase penis size. It is a growing industry with a bad reputation. Remember all that hilarious spam? It was enough to make any man feel self-conscious. When it comes to the practical results of various penis enlargement schemes, some are clearly better than others but there is no guaranteed way of significantly enlarging penis size as such. So please be aware of extraordinary claims. Increasing penis size requires research and patience. So far the only empirically proven penis size increases have been a result of a penis enlargement surgery and penis pumps (which were originally successfully used to treat erectile dysfunction). The effectiveness of penis enlargement pills, lotions and creams are yet to be shown.

Penis enlargement surgery

Penis enlargement surgery is a risky procedure that is growing in popularity despite questionable results and success rate. There are positives in negatives in using a surgical method of increasing penis lengh and girth, although the biggest drawback is the cost.

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Penis enlargement lotions, creams and oils - Do they work?

There is a lot of lotions, creams and oils that are applied to the male genitals with the purpose of increasing the penis size. However, the research into these penis enlargement products is limited and the information to support extraordinary claims of penis size increases are scarce (if at all existing). However there might be something in it.

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Penis enlargement pills, herbs, supplements, medicines do they work?

Penis enlargement pills, herbs, medicine, drugs and supplements - do they work?

Penis enlargement pills, herbs, medicine, drugs and supplements are intended to be taken orally and somehow they ***increase penis size***. Due to limited research into penis enlargement supplements there is no rational reason to believe that they work. However there might be something in it.

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How does jelqing work? Guide to penis exercise techniques and results

Among all of the penis enlargement methods, this is the cheapest, the safest and most widely practiced. Increasing penis size through a series of regular exercises with the purpose of increasing the volume capacity of the blood vessels in the erectile tissue to allow more blood to be drafted into the penis during erections. It works in a similar way to penis pumps. We will assess the science behind it, the techniques, the time it takes to get a result and whether it actually works.

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Increasing penis size without devices, without pills

Ways to increase penis size without penis enlargement techniques and devices

There are simple ways of making your erections harder and at the same time increasing the width of the penis and perhaps even length by becoming healthier and better groomed. Consider getting fit, trimming your pubic hair, cutting down on cigarettes and junk food. All of these are generally helpful to your well being, we explain why.

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Penis pumps for penis enlargement. Do they work?

Penis pumps. Do they work for treating ED and for penis enlargement?

Penis pumps work for treating erectile dysfunction with an interesting side-effect - penis enlargement. They are safer and cheaper than other methods, but require to be used regularly to be effective.

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Male health, STI's and men's genital problems

The human body isn't perfect and occasionally it malfunctions. When it comes to male body and sexual activity, one condition stands out - it is Erectile Dysfunction (ED).

Apart from ED there are a lot of health issues around male genitals and penis in particular. You can find a rough guide of genital health online, but when facing a specific problem, please seek professional help. When it comes to health, a real competent doctor is worth more than all the opinions on the internet.

Different doctors deal with specific health issues and regardless of how embarrassing it may be for you, for them it is everyday life and just part of work, they have really seen it all.

erectile dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

Erectile dysfunction also known as impotence, it is the inability or difficulty in getting or maintaining an erection that is sufficient or satisfactory for a sexual intercourse. It is a common disorder and it is often a result of inactive lifestyle and poor diet. It is treatable.

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Male health through better diet and loweing cholesterol

Lowering cholesterol to increase penis size and strength of erection

A precursor to many other medical problems and impaired sexual capacity, a high level of cholesterol is dangerous. Reducing the cholesterol level in the blood will help to maintain erection and may even help increasing penis size through exercise.

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Penis sizes in culture, art and showbiz

Penis size in art

Penis size in classical art

Art and literature, especially from ancient Greece and the age of the Renaissance has a culturally-biased attitude towards human male penis, with penis shape deemed to be important, whilst penis size less interesting. More important were the correct proportions and closeness to the image of an ideal male, which is often youthful, innocent and therefore shows signs of a small, uncircumcised penis is best. Read on.

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