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Erection strength

Erection strength

Penis size measurements are not final. Many things may interfere with the strength of the erection. Men will experience the strength of their erection changes throughout their life, even over a course of a single day. Many things may interfere with the strength of an erection and you should not take the initial measurement result as final. Changes in your lifestyle, diet, and even simple things like removing pubic hair may have an effect on corresponding penis size measurements. There is also evidence that some methods of penis enlargement may work, so use your penis size measurements as a rough indicator.


Stress is the most common concern regarding erection strength. It is known to be an alarming factor for men unable to achieve a full-strength erection. Avoid stress if possible, there are guides and professionals that can help. Sport, proper nutritious diet will also help you to avoid stress, by definition, this will increase your penis size.

Cognitive distractions

Our brains are pretty big and so are our penises. Practically speaking, it's one or the other. We have a limited amount of blood available for non-essential functions such as solving sudoku puzzles and sex. So try to clear your mind before having sex or measuring your penis size. Meditation might make your sex better purely from more efficient use of spare blood around your body.

Poor blood circulation

Poor blood circulation often from stress, excess weight, sedentary lifestyle, lack of exercise, depression, and other reasons will definitely interfere with the strength of the erection.

Erectile dysfunction

Poor blood circulation in relation to your penis functionality is a massive concern. It is also almost entirely treatable. It is also almost entirely preventable with proper diet, exercise, avoiding stress, and just general enjoyment of life.

Time of the day

Time of the day matters for the strength of the erection and the corresponding penis size measurements. You may have noticed that your erection is strongest in the morning, this is because more blood is available for purposes other than digestion, cognitive tasks, and respiration. The more blood you have available the stronger your erection is.

Method of achieving erection

Ways of achieving an erection matters. One study found that men who gained an erection via oral sex, had the hardest erection. This may be due to oral sex being more fun or more arousing. The mechanics of oral sex may also contribute to the strength of erection, similar to that of penis pumps which are used to treat erectile dysfunction.


Dehydration or not having enough water in your system will have an impact on the size of your boner. You need water for plasma, for the blood to circulate around your body. Alcohol dehydrated you and you may find that the effect is similar to that of being exhausted after losing a lot of water through exercise. So keep in mind that you need to drink water in order to get maximum erection strength.