Penis Sizes

Medical facts - length, girth average by race. Penis enlargement.

Penis sizes

Men ought to know the truth about penis size. We provide up-to-date, accurate information about penis matters ranging from average penis sizes to penis enlargement.

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Penis sizes

What is the average penis size?

Approximate global average penis length (erect):

13.71 cm = 5.4 inches

Approximate global average erect penis girth (width/circumference)(erect):

11.55 cm = 4.54 inches

Medical facts about penis sizes

  • There is a great deal of research on the subject of penis size.
  • There is a very wide range of penis sizes, both length and width (circumference). There may be minor correlation with race/age.
  • There is very little penis growth until the onset of puberty. The length, the width or circumference of the penis grows during puberty, from about the age of 12 till about the age of 17.
  • No significant changes in size occur after puberty naturally.
  • The size of the flaccid penis has little to no correlation to the size of an erect penis, as some men are showers and others are growers.
  • There is no correlation of penis size to size or shape of any other part of the body including size of feet, arms, hands, fingers and digits. Features such as baldness, hairlessness also show no correlation to penis size.
  • Almost half of men believe that they have a small penis. Whilst in reality, most men's penis size is (surprisingly!) average.
  • It is also known that men care about the size of their member more than women care about the size of the same member.
  • When it comes to sexual satisfaction for women, girth or circumference is more important then length.
  • A condition called micropenis occurs in 0.6% of men, almost one in 166. It indicates a penis length which is 2,5 standard deviations below average.
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