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Medical facts - length, girth average by race. Penis enlargement.

Penis enlargement

Men ought to know the truth about penis size. We provide up-to-date, accurate information about penis matters ranging from average penis sizes to penis enlargement.

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Penis enlargement

Is penis enlargement possible?

Penis is not a muscle so it cannot be exercised as one, however it is made of soft tissue that engorges with blood when erect

Increasing penis size would be possible through increasing the blood flow and increasing the volume of blood that is contained within the penile soft tissue

There are a lot of unsubstantiated claims about penis enlargement,however, there is no guaranteed easy way of increasing penis size

The closest thing to real penis enlargement are penis pumps and penis enlargement surgery

However, only a third of men are satisfied with penis enlargement surgery results. Penis pumps bring very moderate temporary results through regular use.

There is no evidence for penis enlargement pills, lotions, extenders and other methods to work

Medical facts about penis enlargement:

  • There is not enough research on the subject of penis enlargement.
  • There is no evidence for lotions and pills to increase penis size.
  • Lotions may work through physical application over a long period of time, but any effect the may have due to natural stetching of the soft tissue and not due to use of lotions at all.
  • There is no evidence for penis enlargement pills to have any positive effect at all. Furthermore there is no scientific rationale for them to work.
  • Natural stretching of the penile soft issue over time through regular exercise is called jelqing, and there is some evidence to substanciate it's effect. There is also some scientific rationale in favour of jelqing
Free delivery on all orders over $60
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