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The Latest in Sex Tech

We are always looking for new ways to enhance our sexual experiences, whether that's with sex toys or roleplay. However, with technology improving every other aspect of our lives, why shouldn't our bedroom antics benefit from an upgrade too? So, without further ado, let's take a look at the latest sex tech taking the market by storm.


If you're striving for consistent intimacy with your partner, any separation will put a dampener on your romance. If your partner needs to take a week-long business trip, then you should both be equipped with wearable teledildonics. Allowing you to share each other's sensations, it will feel as though your partner is inside you - they will even have the chance to help you orgasm via a digital link! However, usage isn't limited for night-time only; if you wanted to, you could make use of teledildonics during the day, getting you hyped up for when you do actually fall into bed with your partner.

WeVibe Sync

One of the pleasures of modern-day technology is that everything is connected, which is a feature that carries over to the WeVibe Sync. Designed to be worn during sex, the Sync has a Bluetooth connection and the We-connect app allows you to control the settings from anywhere in the world. You even have the benefit of setting the Sync to vibrate in time to the music on your phone. Add in recharging via USB and adjustable size settings and you've got a climaxing experience on your hands.

Lioness Smart Vibrator

We're always learning more about our sexual identities, how long to orgasm and kinks that we didn't realise turned us on, but we're never sure how to act on that. After all, it's not like we can measure an orgasm... until now. The Lioness Smart Vibrator separates is different from the countless other vibrators on the market because it is able to track your arousal levels and even provide a visual measurement of your orgasm. The LSV can also measure your body temperature, and how you use the device is measured by a built-in accelerometer and gyroscopes. Most importantly, you can find out how other external factors like alcohol and stress impact your performance and where you need to cut down to enjoy a night of unhindered passion.

Virtual reality

No matter how much we try, reality never does enough to satisfy us and we often find ourselves descending into fantasy (hence the diverse use of roleplay). And that is where Virtual Reality comes in. Websites such as 3Dxchat or allow you to customise your avatar however you wish, letting your imagination run wild. Game engines such as Unreal are also a great option if you want an immersive VR experience.

With the technology of tomorrow, you and your partner will be able to enjoy a sexual experience tailored to your specific needs. Your sex life will be many things, but it certainly won't be generic!