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Lambskin condoms - review, drawbacks and benefits

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Lambskin condoms - review, drawbacks and benefits

Lambskin condoms are an alternative to latex and non-latex condoms. Whilst technically a non-latex condom, lambskin are usually considered to be outside of these categories.

This a review of lambskin condoms. We will look at condom size such as length, girth and thickness. Keep in mind that a best condom for someone else may not be the best condom for you. Choosing the right condom should be easier with knowledge of their differences.


Whilst considered to be closer to the natural feeling of condomless sex, these condoms offer no protection against transmission of many STI (Sexually transmitted infections) 's, such as herpes and HIV. They do offer protection against unwanted pregnancy, however.


Lambskin condoms are made from sheep intestine. Whilst it may appear unappealing we should remember that lamb is consumed as food worldwide and intestine is a waste by-product, often considered a waste. Therefore using  lamb intestine to create condoms is in fact an environmentally-friendly contraceptive solution.


Pros and cons of using lambskin condoms

Benefits of using lambskin condoms

  • Closer to natural feeling, thin condoms
  • Prevents unwanted pregnancy
  • Latex free, do not trigger latex allergies
  • No latex smell
  • Environmentally friendly and biodegradable
  • Can be used with oil-based lubricants
  • Transmit body heat better than other condoms


Drawbacks of using lambskin condoms

  • Do not protect against sexually transmitted deceases
  • Much more expensive than latex
  • No choice of condoms to buy, there is currently one brand
  • Shorter shelf life

Chosen as a contraceptive method for their closer-to-natural feeling, lambskin condoms have their own niche in the market.

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You can sort condom by dimensions such as length, width at base, width at head (flare-shaped condoms are wider at the head) and thickness of material. You can also filter condoms by their type such as flare-shaped or non-latex and their size type.
Title Length Width at base Width at head Thickness
Trojan Naturalamb Non Latex Condoms 200mm 68mm 68mm 70