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How to use a condom correctly, how to put a condom on?

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How to use a condom correctly, how to put a condom on?

Putting on a condom is easier than risking unwanted pregnancy
Avoiding unwanted pregnanices are one of the reasons to sue condoms

Putting condoms on and using the for the first time correctly can be done safely and quickly. The key is concentration. It is best to familiarise yourself with condoms before the event where it might be needed, so prepare in advance. Don't forget that it is your responsibility to take care of your own health and the health of those close to you.

A condom is a most common method of contraception. When used correctly is the best way to protect against getting pregnant and against spreading sexually transmitted deceases. Remember, that it is your responsibility and duty to protect yourself and others from preventable dangers. When it comes to sexual health, condoms are a necessity a very convenient and a widely available option of protecting against unwanted pregnancy and against STI's.


There are two kinds of condoms - male and female. Female condom is not widely used. Out of the male condoms used across the world, the most popular by far is the latex condom. Some people are allergic to latex (about 1% of the general population, although the number is higher among health care workers who are more frequently exposed to latex-containing items such as latex gloves) . For those allergic to latex there also latex free or non-latex condoms out there made of polyutherane and polyisoprene. There are also lambskin condoms made of sheep intestine but they do not protect against STI's.


Condoms have a use by date, so make sure that the condom you are using is safe for use. This also means that it should have been stored in a cool dry place.


Remember that a condom can be used only once! If sex has come to a culmination for the gentleman, the condom should be replaced before continuing with a new one.


Checklist for the condom package:


  • Is the condom package safely sealed?
  • Has the package been previously opened?
  • Has the condom expiration date passed?
  • Is the unopened package sticky/covered in lubricant?
  • Is there any tip, tear or holes on the surface?
  • Has the package been stored in a cool, dry place, safe from friction. (it isn't a good idea to store a condom in a wallet, gentlemen)


If any of these is a yes, then the condom is not safe to use

Sex could be longer, safer and more enjoyable with a properly fitting condom

Checklist for the actual condom/ after opening.


Does the condom smell of anything other than latex and water-based lubricant?

Are there any weak spots and damaged areas on the condom?

Are there any holes on the condom?

Is the condom too wet or too dry? Is it brittle? It may have been poorly packaged or improperly stored.



If any of these is a yes, then a condom is not safe to use.


How to put on a condom?

Don't stess and don't panic. It is a very simple process, best carried out when there is some light available, so that you see what you are doing.

How to use a condom
Open the package and tip gently the top of the condom


  1. Open the package, tear gently on the side, preferably with hands rather then teeth or scissors as both may damage the condom. Pull the condom out.
  2. The rolled up condom should be placed on top of the erect penis. If it isn't erect, you shouldn't put the condom on yet. When placing the condom on the tip of the penis, note that it should be placed so that it can easily roll down over the penis. So place the condom with that in mind. Pinch the tip of the condom a little to give some space for the sperm to be collected in.
  3. Roll the condom down over the penis to the base. If the size is right it should roll down fairly easily. If it isn't rolling down easily, the condom might be too small or you may have placed it incorrectly over the top.
  4. Make sure that the condom rolled down to the base of the penis and that the whole penis is covered by the condom.
How to put a condom on
Position the condom so it can easily roll down the whole penis



After using the condom

It is worth noting that latex condoms should not be flushed down the toilet, as they may clog up the plumbing system. 

Moreover, in the current age it may be reasonable to take the used condom with you, wrapped in tissues/toilet paper. 


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