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Extended pleasure, delayed ejaculation, performa condoms- sizes, review and comparison

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Extended pleasure, delayed ejaculation, performa condoms- sizes, review and comparison

Extended pleasure condoms assist the gentlemen to prolong the sexual intercourse by delaying the ejaculation. These condoms are popular amongst both men who appear to have a problem with premature ejaculation and with those who just wish to make sex last longer. According to the forums, a larger than average penis size may also be a reason to use these condoms.  Extended pleasure condoms delay the ejaculation by chemically numbing the sensitivity in penis.


This list is a review of extended pleasure condoms also known as delayed ejaculation condoms. We will compare different condoms of this type and the comparison will cover condom sizes such as length, girth and thickness. Keep in mind that a best condom for someone else may not be the best condom for you. Choosing the right condom should be easier with knowledge of their differences.


Is premature ejaculation a real problem and how often does it occur?

Some men experience a perceived or otherwise premature ejaculation. According to the studies of British men, up to 10% of may have this problem. The idea of what constitutes a premature ejaculation is also varying, some men state that it is sex session length of under 25 minutes! However, to give a number, a premature ejaculation, according to the experts at the International Society for Sexual Medicine is an ejaculation which occurs almost always within a minute of sex.


When there is a real or perceived premature ejaculation it may lead to a feeling of inadequacy and frustration, however do not despair.


There are many techniques, methods, medicines to help you prevent premature ejaculation and to last longer, one of them is finding best fitting condom. Since it is very common - don't be embarrassed, most men know what you're talking about, having had the same experience.


The reduced blood outflow from the penis of a condom that is too tight may lead to premature ejaculation. If you feel that the condom is too tight perhaps you should find a larger condom?


Techniques to prevent premature ejaculation included controlled breathing, concentrating on something else, imagining a non-sexual activity such as sport or drawing, regularly changing position, letting the initial surge of blood pass by pulling out, having a rest, etc.


How long should sex last?


It is best to discuss how long should sex last with your partner. You're sweating like a pig, doing all the work, more than when you ran that marathon whilst she's already bored and is thinking of shopping. There is no one time limit or recommendation of how long sex should last. It may depend on the time of day, many women like quick sex in the morning, mid-length intense and rough during the day and long and passionate in the evening.


Condoms with benzocaine or extended pleasure, delayed ejaculation condoms.


Results of using climax-control condoms vary. Delayed ejaculation condoms can extend sexual activity and make the male last longer. These condoms have a layer of benzocaine at the tip, it is a chemical with mild anaesthetic qualities. It has a temporary numbing effect on the wearer, making the penis slightly less sensitive. So it still allows the male to feel, but takes the sensation to a more tolerant level.


Benefits and drawbacks of using delayed ejaculation, long-last and extended pleasure condoms



  • Allows the wearer to enjoy sex for longer
  • The numbing effect is temporary
  • Comparing to a long-last delay cream with no condom, only the male get affected



  • The numbing effect may be mild
  • Is unlikely to work in the long term as penis surface becomes more adapted
  • Less enjoyment from sex
  • Makes sex feel less natural
  • May cause irritation
  • Less choice in terms of penis size to fit


Comparison of different delay and extended pleasure condoms


Four most popular condoms with the numbing effect are Durex Extended Pleasure Condoms, Durex Performa Intense Mutual Climax Condoms , Pasante Delay Condoms, Trojan Extended Pleasure Condoms.

They have a comparable in terms of the effect but the Pasante Delay and the Trojan Extended pleasure are smaller. The Durex Performa Intense Mutual Climax Condoms have also a numbing effect coupled with ribs and dots for her pleasure.

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You can sort condom by dimensions such as length, width at base, width at head (flare-shaped condoms are wider at the head) and thickness of material. You can also filter condoms by their type such as flare-shaped or non-latex and their size type.
Title Length Width at base Width at head Thickness
Durex Performa Intense Mutual Climax Condoms 195mm 56mm 56mm 65
Durex Extended Pleasure Condoms 195mm 56mm 63mm 65
Pasante Delay Condoms 180mm 52mm 52mm 70