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Does lowering cholesterol increase penis size and strength of erection

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Does lowering cholesterol increase penis size and strength of erection

A precursor to many other medical problems and impaired sexual capacity, a high level of cholesterol is dangerous. Reducing the cholesterol level in the blood will help to maintain erection and may even help increasing penis size through exercise.

Through lack of exercise and unhealthy diet men risk their well being. It is a vicious cycle where usually men let themselves go and the more they let go, the harder it is to change own lifestyle. With high cholesterol fast-food diet men risk developing erectile dysfunction, which will in fact reduce the size of their penis through reducing blood flow to the penile tissue. To see what is the effect of high-cholesterol diet on male health we need to look into what is cholesterol and how it affects the health and well being of a person.


What is cholesterol?

  • Lardy substance that is situated on the outer layers of cell walls
  • It is transported through blood plasma
  • Helps along the production of vital acids and vitamins
  • Divided into two types: LDL and HDL
    • Good cholesterol is HDL Cholesterol
    • Bad cholesterol is LDL Cholesterol
  • Causes narrowing of arteries (blood vessels that carry oxygenated blood to vital organs)
  • Caused by unhealthy high-fat diet, lack of exercise, smoking and
  • When arteries narrow, less blood is delivered to the organs at which point start to malfunction


Penile arteries are very narrow, in fact penile arteries are narrower than those of the heart and often before other health problems show signs, a man experiences erectile dysfunction which itself is a symptom of weakening blood flow and may be a symptom of deeper problems.


Since penile arteries are narrow, it is noticeable when they clog up with cholesterol, in fact it is the first organ affected when less blood flow is available.


Cholesterol and erection strength

The strength of the male erection and therefore the size of penis in an erect state, is affecte by how much blood can it receive and haul. Therefore lowering the level of bad cholesterol should help a male achieve a stronger and more durable erection.


The quality of blood flow and the capability to hold the pressure will impact the hardness of the erection, the actual cause of erectile dysfunction is impaired blood flow to the penile tissues.


Compare it to the internet, you may have a massive server, able to operate a lot of things, yet if the connection bandwidth is narrow, you can't have much use for the server.


So to help your little friend, take care of your health, exercise but not excessively, cut down on high fat foods and avoid overconsumption of alcohol and give up smoking.

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