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Flare-shaped condoms, wider at the head sorted by length, width and thickness

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Flare-shaped condoms, wider at the head sorted by length, width and thickness

Flare shaped condoms are recommended for those with penis wider at the head. Most men can happily use standard sized condoms. When it comes to penis size, finding the best fitting condom is the key to safe sex, so invest time in finding the best fitting condom for you.

Flare shaped condoms that fit well are less likely to slip off and are just as safe as tubular condoms. 

We will compare different condoms of this type and the comparison will cover condom sizes such as length, girth and thickness. Keep in mind that a best condom for someone else may not be the best condom for you. Choosing the right condom should be easier with knowledge of their differences.


Flare shaped condoms are very popular.

Considering that you want to be practicing safe sex whilst enjoying it, why would you risk using the inappropriately sized condom which may break, slip off or cause discomfort? Finding the right fitting condom will only enhance the pleasurable experience by both offering physical comfort and peace of mind.

What size are flare-shaped condoms?

Some regular width condoms are wider at the head, so sometimes they are considered large or XL. However you don't want the condom to be too tight, so it doesn't restrict the blood flow to the penis.

Nominal condom width
Nominal condom width (width at base)


We use manufacturer specifications for nominal base width to distinguish different sizes. In the chart below you can sort them by whichever dimension you want.

Smaller and snugger sized condoms: nominal base width under 50mm

Medium and regular sized condoms: nominal base above 50mm and under 55mm

Large, XL and XXL sized condoms: nominal width above 55mm or above 54mm with a flared shape.


It is best to compare flare-shaped condoms by their dimensions, after all safe sex is at stake and there is a diversity of penis sizes.


Find the best condom for you and concentrate on enjoying sex rather than worry about a loose condom slipping off.

Free delivery on all orders over $60
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You can sort condom by dimensions such as length, width at base, width at head (flare-shaped condoms are wider at the head) and thickness of material. You can also filter condoms by their type such as flare-shaped or non-latex and their size type.
Title Length Width at base Width at head Thickness
Durex Intimate Feel Condoms 195mm 56mm 63mm 65
Durex Thin Feel Condoms 195mm 56mm 63mm 55
Durex Extended Pleasure Condoms 195mm 56mm 63mm 65
Durex Real Feel Non Latex Condoms 200mm 56mm 63mm 65
Durex Extra Safe Condoms 195mm 56mm 63mm 75
Durex XXL Condoms 215mm 54mm 60mm 70
Trojan MAGNUM Ribbed 205mm 54mm 60mm 76
Trojan Ultra Ribbed Ecstasy Condoms 205mm 54mm 64mm 70
Mates Natural Condoms 180mm 54mm 65mm 70
Trojan Magnum Large Condoms 205mm 54mm 60mm 70
Pasante Regular Condoms 190mm 54mm 66mm 70
Trojan Magnum Large Condoms Gold Collection 205mm 54mm 60mm 70
Trojan Magnum Thin Condoms 205mm 54mm 60mm 60
Durex Surprise Me Condom Variety Box 205mm 56mm 63mm 70