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Pros and cons of different types of condoms

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Pros and cons of different types of condoms

Extra safe condom types
Extra safe condoms are thicker but still made of latex

There are several types of condom. Extra safe (thicker), close feel (thinner), latex-free (made from polyisoprene or polyutherane), extended pleasure (delayed ejaculation), for her pleasure (ribbed, dotted and such), flavoured (for oral sex), lambskin (do not protect against STD's), easy application condoms and also female condoms.

Condom types

Standard condom is intended for men. It is about 70 micron thick, made from latex, with non-spermicidal lubrication, is colourless and is tasteless (apart from the natural taste of latex). However. there are many other types of condoms, with pros (positive points) and cons (negative points). Find and buy a condom type that is best for you.

Women tend to prefer thinner condoms, but every single lady is different, so do ask what condoms they prefer!


Safer (thicker) condoms:

Pros: Reinforced thicker condoms, to decrease the chance of a condom breaking, for safer sex.

Cons: Decreased sensation due to thicker walls. Might be a bit more expensive due to extra latex material.


Thinner (close feel) condoms: 

Pros: Opposite of the above, thinner condom walls make the sensations more pleasurable and more natural.

Cons: Increased chance of breaking, may be a bit more expensive as they require a bit more testing to be safe.


Latex free (non-latex) condoms:

Pros: Growing in popularity, these condoms do not contain latex, to which 1-2% of the population are allergic to. Hypo-allergenic condoms made from alternative materials such as polyisoprene. These condoms are thinner and allow better pleasurable sensations. Whilst a standard condom is 70 micron thick, these non-latex condoms are often 15 micron thick. They are about as safe as the regular ones.

Cons: More expensive, less available.


Durex performa is a delayed ejaculation type of condom
Popular delayed ejaculation condoms contain anaesthetic


Extended pleasure (delayed ejaculation) condoms:

Pros: These condoms contain mild anaesthetic which postpone or delay ejaculation.

Cons: May cause irritation and are more expensive.


For her pleasure condoms (ribbed, dotted, twisted, three in one).

Pros: Designed to make the experience more pleasurable for women, dots and ribs also make the condom a bit thicker which may contribute to the pleasure.

Cons: May require more lubrication and not everyone likes them.


Flavoured (different taste) condoms

Pros: These condoms come in different colours and tastes, primarily designed for oral sex.

Cons: Smell may be unpleasant for some.

Types of condoms, ribbed, textured and normal
Flavoured and For Her Pleasure condoms



Lambskin condoms:

Pros: These condoms are made from natural lamb tissue and make the experience feel as if without a condom.

Cons: Do not protect from sexually transmitted deceases and they are more expensive.


Easy application condoms:

Pros: Newest type of condom. Designed to be put on quickly, for the uber-passionate and the very impatient.

Cons: Less widely available and more expensive.


Female condoms:

Pros: Designed for women, these condom let the lady control the process of contraception.

Cons: Less widely available and more expensive.


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