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20 Things about female orgasm

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20 Things about female orgasm

Orgasms are not very well studied, however there are some basic guiding statistics that can help understand the diversity of them. Middle life crisis or not, it is fairly beneficial to learn about the female orgasm.

Orgasms are as diverse as women themselves

Orgasms are not very well studied, however there are some basic guiding statistics that can help understand the diversity of them. Middle life crisis or not, it is fairly beneficial to learn about the female orgasm.


Anorgasmia is an understudied condition defined as an inability to reach orgasm and is occurs in about 10% of women. Whilst it may mean that a woman never experienced an orgasm, it may also mean that she has been unable to experience orgasm recently.

Intercourse orgasms

Out of those whom can experience orgasms, apparently only about a third of women experience orgasm regularly during vaginal intercourse.

Intercourse + Clitoral stimulation orgasms

Furthermore, out of those able to experience orgasm through vaginal intercourse, another third require in addition a degree of manual stimulation.

Clitoral stimulation

Furthermore, about a third of women whom can experience orgasm do so by manual stimulation alone or under very specific circumstances.

21 minutes of foreplay and eventually 9/10 women reach orgasm during sex

Sex and foreplay

If a male spends 21 minutes or more on foreplay than a women is much more likely to orgasm with up to 9/10 women reaching orgasm eventually. Although it varies depending on the woman, some may need just one minute, others more than an hour.

Breast stimulation

1 in 100 women can orgasm from breast stimulation alone.

Age and orgasms

Orgasms apparently get better with age, it becomes easier to achieve them as well. Women know their bodies better, have more confidence, more experience and are more likely to help themselves.

G spot and it's location (or existence)

Such an understudied subject yet it is clear that certain areas of women's genitals have a larger density of corresponding nerve endings leading to presume the existence of a G-Spot finding the location of which would make it easier for a woman to reach an orgasm, although apparently locations vary and its' existence is still a topic of discussion, some groups say it exists others say that it don't. It is thought by some that it is located on the upper wall of vagina and has a slightly rougher texture than the surroundings.

More adventurous women

Women who enjoy unorthodoxy and variety in sex are more likely to reach orgasms. Varying position, types of sex and types of settings all affect the likelihood of reaching an orgasm. Variety is also an indicator of time spent on sex, which increases with variety.

Intimacy and sex

Trust and intimacy that most women experience in long-term relationships can help improve sexual fulfillment and frequency of orgasms. Women that are more confident in themselves are also more likely to reach an orgasm.

How many orgasms can women experience

Some women have been reported to experience over 30 orgasms through one session.

Length of female orgasm

According to research, women enjoy orgasms on average between 6 and 10 seconds, although some women claim to experience orgasm for much longer. Other research claims that a female orgasm lasts on average for 20 seconds. Orgasm's length varies from time to time.

Time it takes to orgasm?

According to research it takes longer for the woman to reach orgasm than men and most women require at least 20 minutes of sex. There are a number of techniques to prolong the activity for men.

Involvement of the brain

Most of orgasm is associated with activity in the pelvic area, and most people lose temporarily some cognitive functions after climaxing , some even lose consciousness. A study in 2009 found that during the orgasm many parts of the brain were inactive, areas responsible for emotion for example. Men's climaxes are much harder to detect since they are so short in duration. Moreover, women's brain shuts down some areas that involve self control and as a result often women scream and do things they would not normally do during an orgasm. During orgasm the body produces 4 times the normal amount of hormone oxytocin, which is considered to be the trust and social hormone, people reported to be in love have been tested for higher level of oxytocin. Mammals whom have been injected with oxytocin have also been reported to show maternal traits.

Genes and orgasms

According to research about 45% of persistence and frequency of orgasms could be down to genes.

Orgasm technology

Ignoring vibrators and magic sticks, an implant into human spine could active an orgasm at a press of a button, it is called "orgasmatron". Science doesn't get better than this!

First orgasm

Just under half of orgasms women experience in the US is through masturbation the average age for the first experience is 18.

Headache as an excuse to turn down sex

Just under half of regular headaches suffering women had their pain toned down by an orgasm. Time for men to feel like doctors.

Faking orgasms

About 70% of American women have faked an orgasm.

Lesbian sex and lesbian orgasms

Research shows that whilst 78% women experience orgasms with female partners in most of encounters, whilst only 55% experienced orgasms with male partners.

Female ejaculation

3/5 of women have experiences some kind of ejaculation whilst 10 percent claim forceful abundant ejaculation.

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